Winter is around the Corner – Which Antifreeze/Coolant Should I Put in My Car?

Antifreeze/coolant is important for maintaining a good engine operating temperature, guarding against freezing in the winter and overheating in the summer. The third job of antifreeze/coolant in an engine is to prevent against corrosion.

Today, there are three types of antifreeze/coolants on the market: Organic Additive, Inorganic Additive and Hybrid Organic Additive Technology. The different types meet certain manufacturer’s requirements for their specific vehicles. Most manufacturer’s recommend a 50/50 blend of antifreeze/coolant and water for maximum protection. 40% or 60% either way may be ineffective protection and/or cause engine damage. The organic types can be mixed but it is inadvisable to mix the inorganic type with organic.

As you can see, adding antifreeze/coolant to your vehicle is far more complicated than the “old days”. In the past it was fairly easy for an automobile owner to just add antifreeze to his engine each winter. With today’s high-tech engine’s, and multiple requirements for antifreeze/coolant additives, it is far safer and more dependable to have your ASE Certified Technician test and/or replace your antifreeze/coolant at least once a year.

Call Action Automotive today to be sure you have the right antifreeze/coolant for your engine. Our automotive experts will know how to service your car or truck effectively and efficiently. We’re serious about keeping your automobile running right and you driving safely down the road.

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